Welcome to Tassie Uniforms

Tassie Uniforms is a locally owned, independent supplier of clothing and safety products, based in Ulverstone. Tassie Uniforms can assist you with all of your uniform requirements, including;

  • Hi Viz work wear
  • Business shirts and trousers
  • Knitwear, corporate wear, retail and office clothing
  • Hospitality and chef wear
  • Surgical clothing including medical scrubs.
We also offer a complete embroidery service from design to completion.

Tassie Uniforms use a vast array of suppliers for our clothing requirements. Some of these include; Fashion Biz, JB's, Australian Spirit, King Gee, Gloweave, Yakka, Visitec, Deane Apparel, Bisley, Medeleq, Xax, Indico, DNC and Winning Spirit.

But we understand that your business may have specific requirements. We expect that you will be very particular about what you need and about what you like.

Why should you settle for clothing from a particular manufacturer, just because your supplier doesn't want to look beyond a couple of their favourite catalogues? At Tassie Uniforms, we will find a uniform that you like, no matter how long it takes, or how many manufacturers we need to source it from.